Safe and quick transportation of all sorts of goods.

¿Do you have valuable belongings that you wouldn't like to leave in the hands of the post service? ¿Are you in need of immediate transportation, within or beyond the borders of the United Kingdom?

The post handles thousands of packages a day, and sadly, not all the times they are as careful as they should. Plus, they have strong limitations on weight and size of packages. Only a few items can actually be transported through the post. Medium to big sized objects, and fragile objects as well, should be transported by private companies, but most of them have busy schedules, long wait periods, and sometimes not enough care with the objects with which your entrust them.

Hence the need of an excellent shipping company, fully commited to provide nothing less than the best transport service. We tailor our schedules to your needs and make sure that you will never wait too long to see your packages arrive to destination. We work our best to make your shippings immediate, smooth and free of all trouble - and we succeed! 

Improved logistics

Transport flexibility

We have a smart network of technicians and logistic specialists who work every day to make Tim Dight Transport the best shipping company in the United Kingdom. Our people constantly monitor the state of roads and ports, checkpoint availability, weather forecasts and changes in international shipping regulations. You can be sure there will be no backsets with your shipping. Tim Dight Transport covers all major means of transport. We handle packages by ship, truck and plane. We provide you with many options, all of them with their advantages and disadvantages, so you can choose your preferred mean of transportation. This also allows us to keep working when the conditions for one mean in particular aren't the best!     

International coverage

 Expert care

You can hire Tim Dight Transport to transport your packages from and to many points in the five continents. We have an extensive area of reach and we cover all major cities of the world. Check our full list of countries, we have surpassed the 200 mark and are still working to get to many more! We consider all our packages to be extremely valuable belongings, and we handle them as such. We provide with all means of protection of fragile objects, furniture, works of art and any other item what might need extra care. We also have full insurance on all our packages.    


Contact us to request more information

If you are interested in learning more about our services and fees, please contact us on the phone number that we provide on the footer. You can call from any place in the world to our head offices in Cheshire. Feel free to ask your questions and request budgets without any compromise. 

Tim Dight Transport is your best choice for shipping. We will be pleased to carry your packages quickly and safely to their destination. Call us now and learn more! 


Client satisfaction, our number one priority.

"Tim Dight Transport provided an outstanding service carrying our merchandise from the UK to the US in several ocasions. Their work was impeccable, quick and right on time. Perfect."

Watson & Horbes

"I hired Tim Dight Transport while going through a very difficult stage of my life. I was moving to the continent and the situation wasn't the best. They saved me of so many worries. It was right what I needed. It all ran smoothly and we had no trouble at all."

By Sonia Hudson

"I reccommend Tim Dight Transport to everyone. They're all they should be: efficient, disciplined and expeditive. I've seen them handle my packages with extreme care. So far, I've only hired them for national distribution, but when I expand to other countries, they will be my carriers of choice."

By Leon Sunders

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